Email Marketing Automation Software

Email Marketing Automation Software

You want to grow your business – and need  Email Marketing Automation Software that’s easy to use, affordable, and will turn your leads into guests – right? It sounds simple enough, but with an inviting 450 dispatch marketing tools to choose from – and with every Email Marketing Automation Software company’s website saying the same thing, it’s anything but simple.

10 Best Email Marketing Automation Software

Email Marketing Automation Software

To identify the Best Email Marketing Automation Software for different businesses, we surveyed marketers – ranging from single-person startups to Fortune 500 CMOs – who were in the process of changing Email Marketing Automation Software to understand which tool they ’re moving from and to – and why.

The following top 10 list is the result of hundreds of hours of investigation, that I hope will help you in choosing the perfect Email Marketing Automation Software for you.

 Active Crusade – Best for small businesses & enterprise

 HubSpot – Best for B2B service companies

 Shoot in blue – Best for transactional emails

 Drip – Best for small-medium-commerce businesses

 Omni shoot – Best for medium-large-commerce businesses

 Autopilot – Best for marketing robotization

 Standard – Best for agencies

 Mailer Lite – Best for particular systems

 Convert Tackle – Best for bloggers

 Dispatch Octopus – Best for inventors ( uses AWS)

Below, we ’ve delimit a candid review of each tool’s pros and cons. We also break down the element that define great Email Marketing Automation Software, with a head-to- head contrast of all ten Email Marketing Automation Software tools across all nine factors; from affordability and facility of use to combination and deliverability.

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Best Email Marketing Automation Software

# 1 Active Crusade

Best for small businesses & enterprises

Once an sacrifice, Active Crusade is now one of the most popular Email Marketing Automation Software tools with over small businesses guests.

Active Crusade offers a collection of client experience robotization (CXA) tools – from SMS & Email Marketing Automation Software to point messaging and CRM functionality.

At the heart of Active Crusade’s platform is the robotization maker; A visual oil for assemble automated marketing sequences across channels.

Unlike some tools that bear precious advisers and training to use, Active Crusade’s intuitive design enables anyone to draft important dispatch robotization sequences from scrape or by importing one of their 500 robotization fashions.

While dispatch A/ B testing is offered by utmost tools in the top 10, Active Crusade goes one step further by allowing you to run A/ B split tests of entire robotization sequences.

This means you can test anything – from the number of touchpoints to the detainments between emails and beyond. All of this secure that your marketing upgrade with time – on autopilot.

As an each- by-one deals and marketing tool for small businesses, Active Crusade comes with an in- erected CRM system to manage yours deals, live converse, and of course dispatch marketing robotization in one place.

And, incredibly, they ’ve done all of this with a price label that’s 1/ 10th of numerous dispatch marketing tools featured in this companion – starting at$ 9/ month.

Our check repliers using Active Crusade were overwhelmingly positive about it – and it was one of the most likely tools that businesses of all sizes were likely to move to.

 What are Active Crusade’s Crucial Features?

125 Dispatch templates

500 Robotization fashions

800 Integrations

Wharf runners

SMS messaging

Custom reporting

Web personalization


Split conduct and A/ B Testing

Prophetic content

Prophetic transferring

Thing shadowing and criterion

For the vast maturity of small businesses looking for a great dispatch marketing tool that’s easy to use and affordable, Active Crusade is likely the Best balance of power, affordability and ease of use.

# 2 HubSpot

Best for B2B Service Businesses

HubSpot is world- class in offering businesses an each- by-one deals and marketing platform that includes a CRM, landing runners, Email Marketing Automation Software, marketing robotization, converse, forms, and everything in between.

While some contend that trying to do everything is HubSpot’s undoing, it does enable them to do one thing exceptionally well; Reporting.

“ Half the magnet I pay out on advertising is misused; the strain is I do not know which half.”

By using HubSpot as the backbone of your marketing and deals, you can more fluently attribute profit back to the marketing crusade, newsletter, or blog post that told each trade. In this sense, HubSpot is further of a CRM that offers Email Marketing Automation Software and robotization, rather than vice versa.

And if your website is erected on WordPress, also you get an redundant advantage to using HubSpot as your Email Marketing Automation Software tool.

HubSpot has a WordPress plugin that gives you the capability to shoot dispatch juggernauts directly from WordPress. The plugin also lets you use a HubSpot form or converse contrivance to automatically capture connections in your CRM, all without leaving WordPress.

 HubSpot can come at a cost

While ample- loved, HubSpot is the take turns most probable response  to “ Which transmit marketing software are you leaving?” in our check of Email Marketing Automation Software. The reason is nearly always the same; Price.

HubSpot position themselves as an affordable option for small businesses by offering free performances of their products – but do not be wisecracked by the HubSpot gateway- medicine. Their platform becomes exponentially precious as your list or point conditions grow.

One business proprietor I spoke with started on a$ 50/ month plan, and within a time demanded a$/ month plan that had to be paid annually. The only difference was an redundant connections and adding marketing robotization, yet they jumped from seeing$ 50 leave the bank to$.

This is where I feel equivocal about HubSpot.

On the one hand, you could get the same functionality for one-tenth of the price using Active Crusade, Benchmark, or half of the tools in this companion. On the other hand, if the value of knowing what inform each trade is a problem worth paying a five- figure sum to smash, also HubSpot is a strong contender.

This is why we suggest that HubSpot is an ideal choice for B2B service companies, where the value of winning a sprinkle of redundant guests a time would fluently cover the cost of HubSpot. This extends to larger, or more sophisticated, agencies that must give guests with in- depth reports on their marketing channel.

Still, HubSpot is conceivably overabundance, If you just need dispatch marketing software. But if your hunt for Email Marketing Automation Software is part of a wider plan to raise to your marketing game and ameliorate performance across your entire deals and marketing channel, HubSpot is a strong contender – but do not anticipate it to come cheap.

# 3 Shoot in blue

Stylish for transactional dispatch

Shoot in blue is best- known as one of the leading transactional Email services. Structure on this character they erected an Email Marketing Automation Software robotization product.

We use Shoot in blue to shoot transactional emails for two of our gambles ( Lead formly and Serene), as they ’re one of the many Email Marketing Automation Software providers with waiters in the European Union (which helps with our GDPR compliance) and they’ve good deliverability rates (we ’re presently at 98).

While I ca not note on their marketing robotization features from first- hand experience, it’s apparent from our client checks that it’s good, but lacks some of the more advanced features ( similar as thing shadowing, native integrations, and reflections).

Still, Shoot in blue spry-built inventor fashions make it an excellent choice, If you need an Email Marketing Automation Software tool with a solid API to get your emails into inboxes with a good deliverability rate.

 What are Shoot in blue’s key features?

Marketing robotization


Live converse


Transactional dispatch

Wharf runners

Subscribe-up forms

Facebook Advertisements

# 4 Drip

Stylish for lower-commerce stores

I suppose it’s fair to say that Drip’s focus is on lower to medium-sized-commerce businesses, whereas our coming dispatch marketing tool (Omni shoot) seems more suited to the larger-commerce stores.

As you ’d anticipate, Drop integrates deeply with all mainstream-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and Wo Commerce – as well as the further obscure and custom- made bones.

With erected-in profit analytics and tools to engage guests across multiple channels (from social channels to SMS) Drip is immaculately deposited as a important tool for growing-commerce stores.

Their pricing is also palatable, starting at$ 19/ month for small list sizes.

What are Drip’s key features?

Visual robotization

Dispatch and SMS marketing

Dynamic-commerce content blocks

Reduction canons

e-commerce Segmentation


e-commerce store integrations

Reporting dashboards

Split testing sequences

# 5 Omni shoot

Stylish for medium-large-commerce brands

Omni shoot is snappily getting one of the leading marketing platforms fore-commerce stores.

Designed to help-commerce brands control their marketing across multiple channels, Omni shoot offers automated dispatch, SMS, push announcements, and utmost impressively, integrations with Google Advertisements, Instagram, Facebook Advertisements, Messenger, and WhatsApp – which they claim have 10X advanced click-through rates than dispatch.

By fastening purely one-commerce, Omni send has erected innovative dispatch templates designed to reduce wain abandonment and drive reprise buyers. From‘ wheel of fortune offers to virtual scrape cards and birthday abatements, it’s apparent that Omni shoot’s erected by a platoon privately apprehensive of what works in-commerce.

As you ’d anticipate of an-commerce dispatch marketing tool, Omni shoot hooks into utmost-commerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, and Big Commerce. Where Omni shoot goes one step further is in integrating with review, fidelity and help office platforms, similar as Yotpo,, and Re-Charge.

This not only enables Omni shoot to report on how your juggernauts impact deals, but enables you to spark dispatch, SMS and social juggernauts grounded around your client gest to reduce wain abandonment, increase return buyers, drive further product reviews, and more.

Still, you ’ll need a PRO account which starts at$ 199/ month for over to 10, 000 connections, If you want the features that make Omni shoot stand out. While not the cheapest, nor the easiest to use, Omni shoot is a good option fore-commerce brands that want one multi-channel platform to rule them all.

 What are Omni shoot’s crucial features?

Visual dispatch builder

Dispatch, SMS and Push announcements

. Transactional and marketing emails

Dynamic reduction canons

e-commerce Segmentation


Checks and Pates


Popups and forms – wheel of fortune, scrape cards etc.

A/ B Testing

# 6 Autopilot

Best for marketing robotization

Gone are the days where dispatch marketing is about transferring bulk newsletters.

In moment’s digital geography, it’s essential for dispatch marketing to be smart; transferring the right dispatches to the right leads at the right time, automatically.

That’s why all of our top ten dispatch marketing providers give marketing robotization. As the name would suggest, this is Autopilot’s speciality . To bobble, they’ve one of the best- designed oils for erecting dispatch robotization sequences.

Anyone who has ever erected an dispatch robotization sequence knows how snappily they can come confusing. Autopilot solves this in a rather quirky way, allowing you to annotate your robotization sequences with emojis, stickers and explanations, making it easy for brigades to unite on structure sequences.

Yes, it can get messy – but I ’d rather that and be suitable to understand what’s going on, than having beautiful robotization sequences that take half an hour to interpret.

Another point I love about Autopilot is its capability to spark conduct in your other tools inside Autopilot. This saves having to configure integrations using a tool like Zapier and makes your sequences much easier to understand.

Autopilot’s announce is also excellent, however, I ’ll go into this in further detail in our section on announce and analytics below.

Starting at$ 49/ month for connections, Autopilot is far from the cheapest option, particularly considering that Autopilot doesn’t offer an in- erected CRM. Still, Autopilot is extremely intuitive and great for brigades that need to unite on important dispatch robotization sequences. However, this is likely where we ’d go, If we had to move from Active Crusade.

# 7 Benchmark

Best for agencies

Standard is an intriguing option for any business looking for a well- designed and easy-to- use dispatch marketing tool.

While not relatively as familiar as other tools in the top ten, they ’ve come an lessen favored response to “ Which tool are you moving to?” in our check.

Benchmark do everything enough well and are nicely priced, but there’s one thing that really sets them piecemeal from other dispatch marketing tools – and that’s design.

Everything from their templates to the platform itself is beautifully- designed – and not just visually seductive, but great stoner experience. While that may feel trivial to some, it makes all the difference when it comes to understanding your data and creating the right print with connections.

Benchmark is a good choice for any small business that needs simple, easy-to- use dispatch marketing and robotization software. It’s likely to be a particularly good choice for small agencies and consultancies where design is important both from a staff training perspective – and also furnishing a good experience for guests.

 What are Benchmark’s key features?

Visual dispatch builder

Marketing robotization


Wharf runners

Checks and Pates


Subscribe-up forms

A/ B Testing

#8 Convert Kit

Best for bloggers

Convert Tackle is a fairly simple dispatch marketing tool used nearly simply by bloggers and online course preceptors to develop their particular brands.

Their platform has no bells or hisses. It does not indeed have dispatch templates, as Convert Kit encourages its druggies to shoot straight- textbook emails to increase engagement. As utmost of its druggies are individualities trying to make a particular brand this makes sense, but it does make Convert Kit a poor- fit for other use cases.

Still, there’s no better tool, If you ’re a creator that just needs a simple tool to serve your followership with regular content.

# 9 Mailer Lite

Best for particular systems

At the contrary end of the price diapason, we’ve Mailer Lite, which is among the stylish dispatch marketing tools for value for plutocrat (it’s free for transferring up to emails/ month to lower than connections).

Unlike the other freshman dispatch marketing tools out there, Mailer Lite is a widely good tool irrespective of assiduity. Whether you ’re growing a small charity, a side- hustle, or are a freelancer starting out, Mailer Lite offers everything you need to shoot bulk dispatch marketing juggernauts.

Still, I ’d suggest that a tool like Active Crusade may be a better fit, as they offer an in- erected CRM and more advanced marketing features for roughly the same price, If you ’re a small business.

For newcomers and particular systems, where you just need to shoot beautiful dispatch juggernauts to engage your followership, Mailer Lite is ideal.

Still, the folks there have kindly offered Venture Harbour compendiums an extended 30- day trial ( rather of 14 days) via this link, If you want to give Mailer Lite a spin.

# 10 Dispatch Octopus

Best for inventors

There’s long been a notion in dispatch marketing that the most affordable way to shoot emails is using Amazon’s Simple Dispatch Service (SES). Yet, the UI just is not erected for marketing brigades to produce juggernauts.

Numerous dispatch marketing services have tried to bridge this gap – from Send to Moon correspondence, but they ’ve frequently ended up either falling short on features or gravitating towards being more inventor-centric.

Dispatch Octopus have nailed this balance.

 The benefits of Amazon SES, without the downsides.

Amazon’s Simple Dispatch Service (SES) is unstoppable from a cost perspective, and the deliverability is world- class. But it creates a huge tailback if used to shoot your marketing juggernauts.

Every crusade, typo fix, and dispatch sequence must be briefed as a development task, diverting scarce design and development coffers to commodity that, honestly, is a obvious waste of inventor time.

Dispatch Octopus closes this gap. Erected on the reverse of Amazon SES, Dispatch Octopus gives you the structure benefits of AWS, while enabling you to make your dispatch juggernauts in a friendly UI.

The main strike of Dispatch Octopus is its simplicity. However, but do not anticipate the multi-touch criterion or visual robotization builder that you ’d find in a tool like Active Crusade, If you ’re just transferring dispatch juggernauts to a list that’s forfeiture.

Email Octopus would be perfect for a small tech incipiency, where someone on the platoon is fluent in AWS and needs the inflexibility and power of SES without the creation of the emails themselves demanding to be enciphered.

Having covered the pros and cons of our top ten dispatch marketing tools, we ’ll now compare them head-to- head in nine areas that define a great dispatch marketing tool.

 What should you look for in dispatch marketing software?

Dispatch marketing software needs to grow your business by saving you time and converting your leads into guests, and those guests into reprise guests – on autopilot.

From surveying marketers in the process of changing their dispatch marketing software, we discovered nine factors that separate the good from the great.

💰 Compare Cost

😌 Compare UX

📮 Compare Deliverability

✨ Compare Features

🤝 Compare CRMs

📊 Compare Reporting

🔌 Compare Integrations

🙋 Compare Support & Training

🔒 Compare Security

Of course, every dispatch marketing tool will tell you that they nail all nine, yet by assaying data and observing why marketers leave different dispatch platforms, we ’re suitable to capture a far more honest picture.

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Email Marketing Automation Software 2021

  1. Best for affordability

What differentiates a$ 100/ month tool from a$ 20/ month tool?

Occasionally veritably little, occasionally a lot. HubSpot, for illustration, may charge 10X further than utmost dispatch marketing tools but they offer an each- by-one marketing & deals platform that includes everything from landing runners and live converse, to a social media operation tool and CRM.

On the other hand, Active Crusade offers an enormous quantum of value while remaining one of the most affordable dispatch marketing tools on the request.

Comparing dispatch marketing software grounded on cost alone is a

dangerous game. That’s why it’s important to look at all nine factors in this composition to insure that you ’re buying the right tool for the job, rather than the cheapest.

Caveats away, Here’s a detailed comparison of the yearly cost of all ten dispatch marketing tools at three account sizes ordered from utmost affordable to least.

It would be lazy not to point out that cost and value aren’t the same thing. HubSpot, Active Campaign and, to some extent, Omni send all offer each- by-one marketing & deals platforms with numerous features beyond dispatch marketing, while the rest are primarily just for managing and automating dispatch marketing.

 Do not let the brush wag the canine

Your dispatch marketing tool is commodity that you immaculately do not want to change frequently, thus it pays to choose a tool that offers not only what you need moment, but what you ’ll need for the coming many times.

Above all, choose the tool that gives you the stylish occasion to grow your business.

In this coming section, we ’ll outline the top three dispatch marketing software providers for each of the nine factors, so that you can compare between three solid choices, grounded on the element that are most chief to you.

  1. Best for ease of use

With some dispatch marketing tools, it’s taken me three hours to make an dispatch marketing template look respectable on a mobile device. While all the dispatch marketing tools featured offer visual dispatch builders & easy-to- use interfaces, some are better than others.

While some are easy to use because they offer many bells and hisses, others strike a balance of being important while easy to use. The following three tools do the ultimate

Active Crusade


Mailer lite

Rather than explain how easy to use these three tools are, I ’ll let screenshots of their dispatch editors do the talking.

  1. Active Crusade

Email Marketing Automation Software

  1. Best for deliverability

An dispatch marketing tool is empty if your emails end up in the spam brochure. That’s why, as dull as it may be, deliverability is a pivotal factor.

In order to get the stylish deliverability rates, there are a many effects dispatch marketing services need to do.

Flag Guests for review if they admit too numerous complaints or bounced emails

Remove problematic guests

Examiner blacklists

Manage the character of their IP addresses.

All of the dispatch marketing tools in our top ten do all of these. Anyhow of which tool you choose, you can anticipate deliverability rates in the 98-99.9 range.

But if it’s particularly important to you to have the loftiest deliverability rates imaginable, there are two tools in particular that go over and further; Active Crusade and Dispatch Octopus.

Active Crusade’s emotional deliverability is the result of 17 times of optimization and helping guests write better emails. They offer a veritably handy spam check’ tool for prognosticating how probably an dispatch is to land in the inbox, and if a score is too low it suggests what changes you should make.

Dispatch Octopus’ high deliverability is a result of it being grounded on Amazon’s SES structure – which has veritably high deliverability rates.

Still, you may wish to buy a devoted IP for transferring emails, If you want to take deliverability into your own hands. This is a point offered by both companies.

  1. Best for dispatch marketing features

Still, you ’ll find that they all offer the standard features that you ’d anticipate from an dispatch marketing tool, similar as visual dispatch crusade builders, If you try any of the dispatch marketing tools in this composition.

Only a sprinkle go over and further with fresh dispatch marketing features designed to save you time and get better results. Then are our top three dispatch marketing tools that go over and further with features.

Active Crusade


Omni shoot

1 . Active Crusade

Robotization A/ B Testing – While utmost dispatch marketing tools allow you to resolve- test subject lines, shoot times, and content, Active Crusade is one of the only services that allow you to resolve- test robotization sequences.

This means you can settle test thorough changes like convey ten emails to new leads versus only four, to see which succession has the loftiest conversion rate.

Tentative content – Active Crusade is one of the only dispatch marketing services that allow you to include tentative ‘IF X is true, show Y’ content blocks inside dispatch juggernauts.

We use this for restrict pricing ( i.e. show$ in the United States,£ in the UK, and€ in Europe), and displaying different recommended papers to different guests grounded on their plan or engagement position.

Global variables – We’ve over 200 automated emails setup in our Active Crusade account. What happens if, for illustration, I want to change commodity in my dispatch hand? Or modernize the pricing of one of our plans?

With other dispatch marketing tools, you ’d have to go into each dispatch and manually modernize the changes one-by-one.

This is where global variables are a big time redeemer. Rather of fitting the factual price in an dispatch crusade you can enter price and it’ll replace all variables with the factual price when the dispatch is transferred out.

Downloadable robotization fashions – Active Crusade is one of the only dispatch marketing tools to offer a range of robotization‘ fashions’.

Rather of spending days erecting an elaborate sequence of upsell emails, you can just use bone they ’ve formerly made, and also acclimate the content so that fits your brand.

In addition to saving a lot of time, these fashions are a great source of alleviation.

2 . HubSpot

Smart Content – Analogous to the tentative content point offered by Active Crusade, Smart Content allows you to hide and display blocks of content in your dispatch juggernauts grounded on where a contact is in your buying cycle, or which lists they’re in.

Subject line emojis – Using emojis in subject lines have been plant to increase open rates by as important as 45.

While you can technically put emojis in the subject line using nearly any dispatch marketing tool, HubSpot makes it a bit easier by having an emoji button next to the subject line box.

Progressive Profiling – Let’s say a lead visits your website on day one and exchanges her name and dispatch address to download a whitepaper. The coming day, they come back to your website to learn further.

Rather of showing the same form asking for their name and dispatch address, HubSpot allows you to identify this lead and show a different offer, or ask a different set of questions to learn further about them over time. This is called Progressive profiling – and it allows you to shoot more individualized dispatch juggernauts as you gather further information on your leads.

3. Omni shoot

Omni shoot offers an emotional range of-commerce dispatch marketing features.

Campaign Booster – Omni send has a‘ crusade supporter’ point that automatically resends juggernauts to subscribers who have not opened an dispatch crusade (a quick- palm that Omni shoot state boosts dispatch deals by over to 30).

Product Chooser – In addition to being suitable to drag and drop products from your store directly into dispatch juggernauts (a huge time redeemer), Omni shoot also has a sprinkle of CTR boosting dispatch templates, similar as scrape cards and gift boxes.

Reduction canons – One final point that’s a nice touch fore-commerce druggies is Omni shoot’s reduction law creator, which connects to your-commerce store and automatically generates unique reduction canons to incentivize guests to buy again from you.

5 . Best for CRM & marketing robotization features

Unless you ’re a large enterprise it presumably makes sense to use an dispatch marketing tool that also has an in- erected CRM ( client relationship operation) and marketing robotization functionality.

The reason for this is that dispatch marketing works best when emails are started to the right people at the right time – and the data needed to enable this is frequently stored in a CRM system. While you can make this work with a separate CRM, integrating the two is an redundant step that could be avoided.

This demand technically rules out all but two of our top ten, with HubSpot and Active Crusade remaining. We’ve also included Autopilot then, which despite not having a CRM has exceptional native integrations with the most popular CRMs and has the stylish marketing robotization features we ’ve seen.

1 . HubSpot

HubSpot is the undisputed leader in this order. As an each- by-one deals & marketing platform, they offer a full CRM system, as well as in- erected tools for blogging, social media operation, wharf runner creation, and … well, you name it they presumably offer it.

Their CRM system is extremely important, yet straightforward to use. You can view deals in a channel format (as shown over) or as one long list in a table.

Because HubSpot contains so important data on each of your leads, you can use their marketing robotization platform to make dispatch sequences that use CRM data to spark emails to connections grounded on their gest.

Honestly, HubSpot’s dispatch marketing robotization builder isn’t the stylish I ’ve seen – but in tandem with their CRM, it’s a important point

2 . Active Crusade 

As you can see below, Active Crusade’s CRM is veritably analogous to HubSpot’s in design and functionality.

Also to HubSpot, Active Crusade tracks your lead’s exertion on your website (or app) and can automatically move leads into different stages of your channel grounded on which runners they ’ve visited, whether they ’ve bought a product, clicked on an dispatch etc.

You can also deep- dive into any lead or client’s profile to see a full history of every commerce that person has had with your company since they first gave you their dispatch address.

Where Active Crusade shines is with its marketing robotization builder. We ’ve formerly touched on this in former sections of this composition, so I wo not  go into much further detail then.

Where Active Crusade shines is with its marketing robotization builder. We ’ve formerly touched on this in former sections of this composition, so I wo not  go into much further detail then.


While Autopilot does not have an in- erected CRM, its marketing robotization platform is alternate to none, and it integrates natively with a sprinkle of the most popular CRMs ( including HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, and Salesforce).

Still, Autopilot also offers a Zapier integration, as well as a native integration with Member, If you use a CRM that’s not listed over. –

6 . Best for reporting & analytics

Utmost dispatch marketing tools offer veritably little when it comes to reporting functionality, to the point that understanding what emails are generating a positive return on investment can be a unexpectedly delicate question to answer.

In our review of the top ten dispatch marketing tools, we were most impressed by the dispatch analytics and reporting offered by these three companies.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot has an illegal advantage.

As an each- by-one marketing platform, it should come as no surprise that they offer a huge variety of reports, answering every marketing question imaginable. To give credit where it’s due, these are not vanity criteria either; HubSpot does a veritably good job at answering the delicate questions that actually give practicable perceptivity.

Of course, this kind of reporting comes at a cost (HubSpot’s not cheap, as we ’ve formerly covered) but you do get a lot further sapience compared to just knowing how numerous people opened or unsubscribed from your dispatch juggernauts.

Their crusade reports are easy to digest and unexpectedly perceptive. Interestingly, HubSpot is one of the only dispatch marketing tools to report on the time people spend reading an dispatch.

  1. Autopilot

What I particularly like about Autopilot is that you can set the thing of each robotization trip and view reports around whether that robotization trip is hitting its thing.

For illustration, I can set a thing that my lead nurturing trip should convert 20 of connections that enter it to buy my product and also produce a report like this.

Beyond this, Autopilot’s reporting is fairly introductory, with the usual reporting on crusade performance and contact list perceptivity.

  1. Active Crusade

In some ways, I ’m reticent to feature Active Crusade in this section, as their reporting is surely not their strong point. But, credit where it’s due, it’s come along way in the last time and it’s still much better than numerous other tools for the same reason as Autopilot above – it focuses on thing shadowing.

The big difference is that, while Autopilot has managed to make this look beautiful, Active Crusade’s visualization of these reports is a bit sophisticated.

Active Crusade’s reporting can answer nearly any question you throw at it – but you need to be relatively aware of knowing what that question is.

Where HubSpot and Autopilot serve up high- quality answers on a server, Active Crusade’s approach is more akin to puking data across 20 or so runners, making it delicate to decrypt value from vanity criteria.

7. Stylish for integrations

These days, utmost dispatch marketing tools integrate with Zapier (a third- party tool that allows you to also shoot data to over third- party apps & tools) rather than erecting their own smorgasbord of integrations. There are some exceptions, similar as Autopilot, which has an enormous variety of native integrations.

The stylish dispatch marketing tools for integrating with third- party tools are

Active Crusade



When it comes to Zapier combination, not all of them are generate equal. Every ‘zap’ (integration) has two corridor A detector and an action. For illustration, let’s say you want to make an integration so that every time someone subscribes to your mailing list (the detector), they ’re automatically added to a Google Spreadsheet (the action), this can be erected in twinkles using Zapier.

Astronomically speaking, the more triggers and conduct an dispatch marketing tool provides, the easier it’s to automate tasks. Below is a list of the top ten dispatch marketing tools, ranked from loftiest number of triggers, conduct and quests to smallest.

Best for client support & training

  1. Active Crusade

Active Crusade is the only dispatch marketing tool to offer a Client Success Commitment, which outlines a set of norms around education, support and trust that you can anticipate from Active Crusade.

Dispensable to say, it’s world- class. From perpetration and migration support, to pierce to Active Crusade’s community, in-person events and pre-built robotization fashions, you can be confident you ’re in safe hands.

It’s also worth pointing out that, while Active Campaign offers an expansive range of vids, attendants and attestation, we ’ve had multitudinous platoon members join Venture Harbour and be suitable to make robotization sequences with no training, thanks to how easy the platform is to use.

As a client, I ’ve only had to communicate Active Campaign’s support a sprinkle of times over the last four times, and each time I ’ve had a response within a couple of hours with a result.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot has arguably erected its entire business around education.

HubSpot constructed the expression‘ inbound marketing’ and went on to acquire knockouts of thousands of guests by eating their own canine food, so to speak. By blogging, running events, and getting a study leader in inbound marketing, leads came to them – rather than them having to calculate on traditional outbound marketing.

As similar, you can anticipate world- class training when you subscribe up to HubSpot. From courses and instruments to eBooks, and their periodic INBOUND conference, HubSpot provides its guests with plenitude of openings to position-up.

One exemplary note is that HubSpot charges fresh freights for onboarding services. While this is not too unreasonable (as you ’re effectively paying for several hours of a Hub spotter’s time), it does punctuate to me just how generous Active Campaign is by offering onboarding free of charge.

On the support side, HubSpot is also uncommon. With phone, dispatch and live converse support, you can be confident that if any issues arise, they ’ll be resolved snappily.

  1. Drip

As it stands, Drip offers all guests access to its client success platoon, who offer agency- position support around deliverability optimization, strategy and specialized support – free of charge.

In addition to this, Drip offers an abundant range of webinars, attendants, and courses aimed at advancing your-commerce dispatch marketing knowledge.

9. Best for security & compliance

Still, due to your assiduity or size, bear an dispatch marketing provider that has particular security and sequestration compliance instruments, If you capture sensitive particular data or.

  • Active Crusade
  • HubSpot

Mailer Then are some useful links to learn further

Active Campaign’s security

HubSpot’s security

Get the complete dataset

In addition to collecting reviews of dispatch marketing tools over the last 12 months, our platoon has gathered data points across 100 dispatch marketing companies, which you can pierce for free.

If you would like a dupe of our raw dataset to make your own comparisons you can get it by completing this check (no dispatch address needed).

I hope this companion has been useful in helping you choose an dispatch marketing tool. However, feel free to reach out to me or tag me in a share on Twitter or LinkedIn Lite,

If you have any feedback or unresolved questions. As you ’d anticipate, these larger and aged dispatch marketing providers tend to be the stylish option when it comes to security and compliance. All three of the services above give expansive attestation on their websites about their security and compliance measures.

For a more detailed comparison of which security/ compliance instruments and features these three dispatch marketing tools offer, we ’ve created the table below.


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